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Tips On How To Keep A Wig From Slipping Off

By: Ann Koch

Posted on October 04 2018

Tips On How To Keep A Wig From Slipping Off

The beauty of women can depend on many factors: her looks, style, dressing and most importantly her hair. Some women are blessed with long beautiful hair, but some have short dull and very thin hair or even total hair loss. In that case some women prefer to wear wigs. If you've worn wigs for any length of time you know the struggle of keeping it in place.



Back in the day people who wore wigs had a huge problem and that was how to keep their wig from slipping as the accessories we have now were not invented yet to help keep wigs in place. But as times changed ideas generated and things innovated to make wigs more natural, comfortable and secure.

Here are some tips which can be followed to keep your wig from slipping off and moving around once on your head:

  1. Wearing a Wig Cap
    Wearing a wig cap under your wig is personal preference, but it works as a
    protective barrier for the scalp and keeps your wig comfortable for daily use. It will hold your natural hair in place and will keep your wig from slipping. Wig caps are available in different materials like nylon, cotton and mesh.
  1. Wig Grip Band
    One of my favorite wig accessories wig grips are worn like a headband under your wig. It is made from double sided crushed velvet material. One side of which grips hair and other side grips the wig. It is the most common and easiest way to keep a wig from slipping off.
  1. Bobby Pins
    Super cheap and the oldest solution for securing wigs are bobby pins. As its design is so versatile that it can grip any kind of hair texture. So why not put lots of bobby pin on to affix your wig and prevent it from slipping off.

Important bobby pin hack: Make sure the wavy side is down on your scalp for the best grip!

bobby pin hack

    1. Metal Wig Clips
      Metal wig clips can be easily sewn underneath your wig onto the cap in order to clip them onto your hair once applied. These clips give good grip and can provide a secure feel.  
    1. Medical Grade Adhesive 
      For women those who have baldness or no have no hair in some places you can use wig glue to attach a wig perfectly. Wig glues can last from one week up to several weeks depends on your skins chemistry. 
    1. Double Sided-tape
      Double sided wig tape can be used for easy gripping. As you only have to put small pieces of tape wig at different places. It so easy and simple to use that no help is needed for it. 
    1. Gel Band for Sure Grip 
      This is the best solution for keeping a wig on the head while maintaining comfort from the heaviness of a wig, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Gel band are soft as they are filled with gel and can be worn under the wig to set the wig in place. It also reduces weight on the head and keeps the user comfortable and relaxed. 


    Ann Koch ann koch
    Ann is the founder of Living with androgenic alopecia for over 20 years after the birth of her children, she aspires to provide solutions and an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from hairloss.

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    • Bree: June 22, 2021

      This site seems really helpful . Most sites offered a lot of this similar advice as well, however, there is a common misconception about the Bobby pin . It’s actually the other way around . The wavy side is to the scalp as you weave it in and out of the hair against the scalp . I only know this because of cosmetology school, I used to do it the other way all the time until professionally corrected. Other than that , GREAT info! 👍🏾😊

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