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Cap Size Guide

Before beginning, if you have hair you must flatten it. You will want to have your hair prepared as you will be wearing it under the wig for an accurate measurement. Use a cloth tape measure or string to ensure accuracy. Take several measurements to make sure your previous measurements are accurate. Accuracy is key for a proper lace wig fit. Measure just a little beyond your own natural hairline.

Alt text: "An infographic titled 'Lace Wig Measurement 101' illustrating how to properly measure your head for a lace wig. It includes six numbered diagrams with corresponding instructions. '01 CIRCUMFERENCE' shows measuring tape wrapped around the head, following the hairline. '02 FRONT TO NAPE' depicts measuring from the forehead's hairline straight back to the nape. '03 EAR TO EAR ACROSS FOREHEAD' illustrates measurement from hairline at one sideburn, across the forehead, to the same point at the other ear. '04 EAR TO EAR OVER TOP' demonstrates measuring from hairline above one ear, over the head's crown, to the hairline above the other ear. '05 TEMPLE TO TEMPLE AROUND BACK' describes measuring from one temple, around the back of the head, to the other temple. '06 NAPE OF NECK' indicates measuring the width of the hairline across the nape of the neck.
Stock Lace Wig Cap Sizes Large Medium Small
Circumference 23.5" 22.5" 21.5"
Front to Nape 15.5" 14.5" 13.5"
Ear to Ear Across Forehead 12" 11.5" 11"
Ear to Ear Over Top 13.5" 12.5" 12"
Temple to Temple Around Back 15.5" 14.5" 14"
Nape of Neck 6" 5.5" 5"