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About Model Lace Wigs and Hair

Model Lace Wigs and Hair has been a Las Vegas, NV, USA based family owned business since 2006 offering women the most natural looking wigs and hair loss solutions. All of our products are customized, cut, colored and shipped from our Henderson, NV, USA studio. As an innovator in the industry, Model Lace Wigs and Hair has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic natural looking luxury lace wigs and hairloss solutions.




My name is Ann Williams, and I'm the heart and soul behind Model Lace Wigs and Hair, a passion project that came to life in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV, during the fall of 2006. My journey into the world of wigs and hair wasn't just a business venture; it was deeply personal. Suffering from hairloss, I found myself on a relentless quest for wigs that looked natural. To my dismay, the market was saturated with subpar products, with many companies making unfounded claims about the quality of their hair.

The more I explored, the more I realized how unregulated the hair industry was, and it wasn't long before I uncovered a significant gap—not just in the quality of products available but also in the ethical sourcing of hair. This discovery was a turning point for me. After stepping away from a successful career in law to focus on my family, I devoted my newfound time to researching the hair industry. What started as a personal mission quickly evolved into a professional calling.

My expertise in lace wigs and cranial prosthesis has allowed me to cater to a diverse clientele, including entertainers, models, dancers, and individuals experiencing medical hair loss. But it wasn't just about providing a product; it was about understanding the profound impact that hair can have on someone's confidence and self-perception, especially during challenging times like medical treatments.

Witnessing the transformation and emotional healing that a high-quality wig could offer someone suffering from hair loss solidified my mission. I wanted to do more than just sell wigs; I aimed to educate, inspire, and empower women to reclaim their confidence and embrace their beauty, regardless of their circumstances.

As the artisan behind our esteemed wig collection, I have shifted to crafting a limited series each month, infusing each piece with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship. This monthly collection is not just a product, but a curated experience, ensuring that each wig is a masterpiece of style and personal expression. Join us in celebrating the unique, the rare, and the extraordinary – reserve your exclusive piece from our monthly limited collection and wear not just a wig, but a work of art.

The deep pain that is felt at the death of every friendly soul arises from the feeling that there is in every individual something which is inexpressible, peculiar to him alone, and is, therefore, absolutely and irretrievably lost. -Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

The loss of a great soul will continue to weigh in our hearts, but the hope that one day we will meet again under the veil will lighten the way there.

We, at Model Lace Wigs and Hair would like to take a moment to remember Boonlering Koch who we miss dearly. She played a fundamental part in our company, she enjoyed helping every customer and treated everyone like family with endless words of advice and encouragement.

She passed surrounded by family. Let her vision of the bright future ahead be a beacon to guide our path.

The family at Model Lace Wigs and Hair Remembers.