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Why Does My Human Hair Wig Tangle?

By: Ann Koch

Posted on March 27 2019

Why Does My Human Hair Wig Tangle?

Some people are surprised to find how easily a human hair wig tangles, even with some of the most expensive human hair wigs on the market where you might expect better performance.

The truth is that all human hair wigs tangle up at times based on the wigs hair quality, how it was processed, your lifestyle and how you maintain your human hair wig.

We'll review several key reasons why human hair wigs tangle, and you'll find that with some precautions much of it can be managed.  

Hair Cuticles Are Facing The Wrong Way

Misaligned cuticles which don't face the right direction are a likely cause of matted hair. This is a mistake made during the wig's manufacturing and is not totally avoidable.


The perfect wig is impossible, so every wig will have some measure of defect that falls within the company's acceptable margin of error.
Misaligned cuticles become a problem particularly when ruffled or made brittle by exposure to excess heat, as from the sun. This occurs especially at the nape. If most of the knotting is happening at the base instead, it indicates that the cuticles from the return hairs were not removed by the manufacturer during processing, which left them facing the wrong way, making matting inevitable.

Chemical Damage

Another recipe for unwanted human hair wig tangles is the type of chemical or color processing it was treated with. Simply put, the more it's been treated, the higher the risk that a human hair wig will tangle.

Besides chemicals used during that initial stage, there are other materials to watch out for during everyday wear. Exposure to chlorine, as well as the minerals found in hard water and seawater will damage human hair wigs, rendering them unmanageable.

Human Hair Wigs Lack Natural Oils

Human hair wigs lack the natural oils of natural hair. This makes a big difference in the tangle department because it's those oils that would normally help smooth and soften your hair, preventing many of its dry-induced tangling problems.


Therefore, you'll find that your wig tangles much more often if you don't regularly wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner. Just make sure that if you blow-dry the hair afterwards that you use low heat so it won't dry too much and become brittle.
Speaking of which, never just dunk your human hair wig in water when it's very dry. Such sudden hydration will cause it to swell up. Apply conditioner gently and rinse slowly with tepid water.


Little things you do through everyday wear have as much of an effect on why your human hair wig tangles as anything else.

Scrubbing shampoo through the hair, scrubbing water on the cap, or scrubbing it clean with a towel will all cause knots, so refrain from any scrubbing of the wig hair.

Sweeping and brushing unidirectional motions work best, including when you're combing. Even sleeping in your wig matters, as the material of your bed sheets or pillows can suck out all of the moisture in your human hair wigs. Choose soft options.

The clothes you wear have a notable effect on the hair at your nape. Silky and satin fabrics work much better than highly fibrous alternatives like wool, which will cause undue friction and result in your hair clumping up in a ball. A curly hair wig will have a tougher time avoiding these issues.

Many things lead to matted hair, and not all of them are under your control. Nevertheless, with proper care and some precautions your human hair wig can fight off a lot of those pesky tangles and save you all the associated frustration.

Ann Koch ann koch
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