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How to Remove Lace Front Wig Glue | Cling Adhesive Removal

By: Ann Koch

Posted on June 14 2021

How to Remove Lace Front Wig Glue | Cling Adhesive Removal

You've been wearing your wig for several days and now it's time to take it off. If you're having trouble getting the wig glue out of your hair you've come to the right place. There are no hard set rules of how to get wig glue out of hair, but here is what I do.

Today I'll be explaining how I remove a lace front wig when I use the adhesive Cling by Her Imports. Cling is a water based copolymer that is free from harsh solvents, latex, and toxic ingredients. It's similar to another lace front wig glue I use called Ghost Bond XL

No matter what adhesive you choose the process will be generally the same, just with different removal products made specifically for the particular glue that was used to apply your lace front wig.

The first thing that is required to remove glue from your lace front wig and hair is patience. This removal method will take a little over an hour. I know, I know, you want the quickest, fastest method possible, but trust me your edges will thank you.

Removal of your glued on lace front wig

The next step is to prep the glue for removal by spraying warm water on the perimeter of your lace wig where the glue is and wait 5 minutes. You can also use a warm wet cloth.

wig glue removal spraying water on perimeter

Then generously apply and massage the Un-Cling remover using your finger tips onto the glue and make sure it's saturated.


lace front wig glue remover

The glue remover will break down and dissolve the glue from your hair and skin. Leave the Un-Cling on until you can safely lift the wig from your scalp without any pulling or tugging on your hair. 

The glue will become gooey, but that's what you want. You want to keep applying the glue remover until you do not feel any tension on the wig. If you feel tension you need more glue remover and more massaging.

woman removing wig glue

If several layers of lace front wig glue was used to apply your wig this process will take longer to get through all of those glue layers. 

Once you get it loose enough you can remove your wig and start peeling the adhesive off of your hair, skin and lace front wig. There will be glue residue left on the wig, but fear not, we'll get to that part shortly.

woman removing glue from wig

Keep peeling the glue from the perimeter of your head. If you feel any tension again, add more glue remover. Do this as many times as it takes to get all the glue to melt off. 

How to remove wig glue from hair

You can use a spoolie to help remove the glue from your hair or a warm wash cloth. Apply glue remover to any glue left on your hair. Wait until the glue dissolves and gently comb and glid off any glue from your hairs. Let the glue gently glide off your hair.  Again, take your time, no pulling or tugging on your hair. Let the glue remover do its job.

Removal of lace front wig glue residue

After the lace has been removed apply more warm water and Un-Cling onto any remaining residue on your skin and/or hair line for approximately 5 minutes. Allow Un-Cling to neutralize and lift the Cling application.

It is NOT necessary to rub or wipe aggressively. Once Cling has turned to a non-sticky, lotion-like consistency, use a clean wet towel to wipe off the residue.

How to remove glue from your lace front

Take the glue off your wig is easy as just pulling it right off of your lace. It's usually pretty easy to remove. After you remove the bigger pieces of glue you will be left with glue reside. Here are the three steps to remove this glue from your lace front wig.

  1. Place your lace front wig in a basin or sink with warm water
  2. Gently rub your lace together to loosen up all that glue off your lace front and pick off the glue.
  3. Once all the glue is removed use a cleansing shampoo to rinse off any left over residue and condition as usual. 



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