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Can You Sleep In A Lace Front Wig?

By: Ann Koch

Posted on May 20 2020

Can You Sleep In A Lace Front Wig?



Sleeping in a lace front wig is possible of course, however, depending on how your lace front wig is applied whether by glue, tape or sew-in it may not be possible to take off your wig every night.

Moreover, some downsides will be the friction between your head and the bed surface is likely to cut short the lifespan of your lace front wig unless you take measures like tying the wig into a ponytail, sleeping on a satin pillowcase and covering the wig with a silk cap., etc. 

Want to learn more? Let's dive in!

First things first, why wear a Lace Front Wig to bed?

Are you self conscious about your hair? We all want to look our best all the time. Well, wearing a lace front wig is such a fantastic way to look good, even when you do not have undesirable hair and just want to switch up your style temporarily.

Whether you’ve always had the nightmare of alopecia or going through a short-term phase where your hair’s appearance has decreased, these lace front wig extensions can give you a fantastic hair appearance that will draw everyone’s attention anytime you walk into a room.

Most every celebrity such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and the Kardashians have been members of the the lace front wig gang to change their hairstyles and look more fashionable.

Therefore, you can use these lace front wigs to make a fashion statement even among ladies who apparently seem to have flawless hair.

If this is your first experience with a lace front wig, it's not unusual to wonder if you can still wear it while sleeping. 

Let's discuss the positives of sleeping in a lace front wig

Going to bed in a lace front wig frequently may greatly reduce the wig’s lifespan. However, a lot of ladies still do this as the practice comes with a number of benefits. Shall we have a more thorough overview of the reasons why ladies find sleeping in their lace front wigs wise?

1. Sleeping in a lace front wig enhances your Self-confidence during Bedtime.

Feeling good about yourself is important and wanting to look good even at bedtime is achievable with a lace front wig. Whether you have bad hair or just desire to look nice always, putting on a lace front wig at bedtime could be such a self-confidence booster.

If you happen to share your bed with a significant other, choosing not to remove your lace front wig at bedtime can keep your partner from seeing your natural hair. This can secure you a sexier appearance even in your most unguarded time, which is when you are fast asleep.

Undoubtedly looking like a snack can ensure a great sex life since you and your partner will find each other hard to resist. If hair troubles have disrupted your levels of intimacy as a couple, putting on lace front wig and keeping it on during bedtime can be a straightforward solution even when the wig is lavish.

And TRUST, if your lace front wig is applied correctly, NOBODY will know you're wearing a lace wig, but you. 

2. Wearing a lace front wig saves you time and energy at night.

Do you have an active lifestyle that requires you leaving the house early in the morning and coming back home late in the evening? We all know the last thing you want to do is hassle with removing your lace front wig at night.

Not only can this removal interfere with your sleep routine, but it can also drain so much energy from an already exhausted body. Besides, the distress of removing these lace front wigs during bedtime can, in the long run, affect you by keeping your mind racing while you should be in bed.

This may result in very high stress and anxiety levels, which is no bueno when you need to rest and recharge. The possibility of turning and tossing all through the night can add a tremendous amount of stress to the next day.

3. Sleeping in your lace front wig can greatly minimize sleep disturbances.

Do you doze off after a tough day of work? Going to bed with minimum disturbance can be the first step to a rewarding and blissful night. However, individuals who do not like sleeping in their wigs may have to stay awake to remove them.

A restful night may turn evasive by the time you are done removing your lace front wig. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals have complained of not being able to sleep for several hours afterwards.

Away from leading to temporary sleep troubles, staying awake beyond bedtime can also interfere with your permanent sleep routine.

4. Sleeping with your wig on makes it easier for you to get ready in the morning.

Many individuals rush out of the house every morning, either for school or work. If you’re one of these, the last thing you want to do is re-install your wig early in the morning of when you’re desperate to leave the house on time.

This may increase the probability of you running late, which may put at risk your job performance. Additionally, the distress of installing a lace front wig can raise the levels of anxiety in the morning, which may result in a bad mood even before your day starts.

5. Sleeping in your wig eliminates the embarrassment of incorrect re-installation.

Lace front wigs usually are installed by experts and professionals with many years of expertise. From the arrangement of wig clips to positioning the hair to apply a foundation along your wig’s lace part and your scalp to equal the skin tone, the installation a lace front wig may take so much skill.

If you're a beginner and have just got into wearing lace wigs or have little to no experience in their installation, the risk of messing it up when re-installing it in the morning may be high. Therefore, keeping the wig on at bedtime will save you so much trouble.

Are there reasons why I should never sleep in my lace front wig?

sleep in a lace wig

Sleeping in your lace front wig does not come without limitations, and this is the reason some ladies opt to remove them. Below are a few reasons why you should think twice before wearing your lace front wig overnight.

1. Sleeping in your lace front wig leads to increased friction.

Among the most significant problems of sleeping in your lace front wig is friction. A healthy person spends between 7 to 8 hours in bed each night and avoiding coming into contact with your bedsheets and pillow may be impractical, especially when you are a restless sleeper.

Can you imagine how much friction the seven to eight-hour sleeping period can cause on your lace front wig? This friction may drain moisture from your wig, which may lead into it developing knots. This formation of knots may lead to considerable damage within a short period.

With the normal woman spending hundreds of dollars on each appointment to the salon for a lace front wig installation, the costs may accumulate real quickly. Therefore, sleeping in your lace front wig may rob you of getting the best value for your money.

2. It may increase levels of stress and anxiety.

Sleeping in your lace front wig may lead to increased stress and anxiety levels. A lot of ladies go to bed aware of the dangers of sleeping in their wigs. However, they do it anyway for various reasons.

Such women may spend a few hours in bed stressing about how nice their hair may appear once they wake up in the morning. This may result in very high anxiety and stress levels.

It is a known fact that stress and anxiety are the top causes of insomnia. They may keep women from relaxing at bedtime, which translates into a higher probability of sleeplessness.

3. Sleeping in your lace front wig puts the health of your scalp in danger

A healthy scalp can be a pivotal contributor to good hair as it may foster better health of your hair and increase its bliss.

One of the key conditions for attaining better scalp health is allowing the scalp to breathe. Unfortunately, sleeping in a lace front wig may minimize the amount of air circulating to the scalp mostly during summer.

This may lead to sweaty hair during bedtime, which makes it hard to sleep well.

4. Sleeping in your wig may mean high maintenance.

Do you dislike having to attend hair maintenance routines regularly? If yes, sleeping in a lace front wig may be such a bad idea. Increased friction from contact between your hair and pillows and sheets means that it may need regular washing and styling to maintain its look.

The more frequent you wash and style any kind of human hair, the higher the danger of it disintegrating. This can reduce its lifespan over time, which increases the need to spend more cash on a new wig.

5. Sleeping in your wig can turn to be addictive.

Sure, some ladies put on hair extensions to hide terrible hair. However, even women with flawless natural hair may feel the urge to put on wigs from occasionally for styling purposes.

However, this practice can turn addictive with time which can result in these women doing away with their natural looks forever. Since human hair extensions are expensive, this habit may result in heightened costs over time.

Additionally, becoming addicted to this practice may make it uneasy for the women to go back to being in their natural hair even when they look amazing in it.

Here are some bedtime maintenance tricks for lace front wigs.

Have you decided that the positives of sleeping in your lace front wig outweigh the negatives? If yes, below are a few maintenance practices to maintain the lifespan and appearance of your lace front wig.

1. Detangle your hair using a brush.

Brushing your hair rigorously to eliminate any tangles is the first step when you want to sleep in your lace front wig. This is mostly true for long and wavy hair as they generally tangle quickly.

There are various kinds of brushes that will help you attain the desired outcome and a quick search on Amazon may be helpful in uncovering one.

Additionally, detangling your hair can keep it from developing knots that may be even harder to brush afterwards. Also, brushing your hair can maintain its lovely appearance and make it easier to style it early in the morning.

2. Apply a Styling Lotion or Moisturizer.

You have to always apply styling lotion or a moisturizer to the edges of the lace front wig before hitting the hay.

These lotions can tame the curliness of your hair and keep it hydrated all through the night. The outcome is a lasting wig which remains in an undamaged condition for a number of weeks.

3. Use Silk Pillowcases

You now know that friction is among the major causes of hair damage for ladies who like sleeping in their wigs. The good news is that you can remedy this issue sufficiently by choosing silk pillowcases.

Different from cotton and alternative materials that may tangle your hair due to the increased friction, the smooth and soft nature of silk means that the hair can easily slide over it with minimum to zero friction.

Is yours curly or textured hair or do you prefer wigs of these styles? If true, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a must. Silk pillowcases can also preserve your wig by keeping the hair hydrated and reducing the trouble of the dreaded frizz.

4. Put on a Satin/silk Bonnet or Cap

A satin or silk cap may be the secret to preserving a lace front wig in a mint condition for a long time. Sure, these caps may be available in various kinds of fabric. However, caps made from silk typically offer you excellent properties.

First, silk caps can help preserve the texture and style of your wig. These caps may also reduce the friction from contact between the sleeping surface and your hair. This results in a reduced danger of split hair edges in the morning.

According to professionals, putting on silk caps atop lace front wigs at bedtime can also minimize dryness and preserve moisture. This will result in the prolonged lifespan of your wig.

4. Keep your Scalp Clean.

A clean scalp is super important for a nice-looking lace front wig. If you wish to go to bed in your wig, keeping your scalp healthy and fresh can be substantial.

A clean scalp means no bad odors to put off your colleagues, friends and your partner. A clean scalp can also enhance the appearance of your wig and boost your self-confidence.

If practical, make a point to moisturize your scalp every three days or so for the best outcomes.

Here is How to Sleep in a Lace Front Wig.

Resting in a lace front wig is a skill that you need to master for the best results. Below is a step by step guide to follow for common wig styles:

• Moisturize your Hair With Argon Oil

• Arrange your hair into a doughnut to attain a wave pattern in the morning

• Ensure that you tuck in each bit of your hair.

• Put a silk hood over the hair

• Pull off the hood once you wake up in the morning.

Here is How to Sleep if you Have a Thick, Wavy or Curly Lace Front Wig.

For ladies who have put on thick twisted lace front wigs, the steps below will not only guarantee ease throughout the night, but your hair can seem perfect in the morning as well:

• Brush out the hair to eliminate all tangles starting with the bottom. Note: If the hair is curly only finger comb to remove tangles. Do not brush out the curls.

• Apply moisturizer or styling lotion to the hair edges.

• Part your hair on every side

• Twist the halves together as in a cornrow

• Pull the two twist knots into a ponytail and tie the braids using an elastic hairband

• Tie the edges of both twist braids using a more flexible and smaller hairband

• Tuck the hair into whatever opening you find at the back of your head to keep the hair from dangling on your neck overnight

• Put on an elastic hairband to keep your baby hairs unflawed.

• Put a more flexible, smaller hairband on the bigger hairband to heighten security.

• Put on an extra-large silk bonnet to cover the whole hair and headbands for undisturbed sleep.

lace front wig tips and tricks

If you sleep in your lace front wig, be sure to have a new wig for alternative activities such as swimming and exercising.

swimming lace wig

• Be sure to clean the inside of the wig cap carefully and thoroughly to eliminate the excesses of hair products you use for shampooing, conditioning and styling. Failing to clean the inside of your wig cap properly will make your scalp itchy. Check out our review of the 5 best human hair lace wig shampoos.
• Put your hair on a wig stand to dry it after washing. 
• You do need to be extra careful if your lace front wig is made from synthetic hair fibres in place of real human hair. You may not use Heated styling devices for this kind of wig at all as the heat will cause damage the individual strands
• Lace front wigs are more delicate compared to other sorts of wigs. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while handling them. If you shampoo these wigs too much or if you are not cautious in wearing and removing them, you may cause the lace cap to rip, rendering the whole wig useless.

Hitting the hay in your lace front wig can be difficult but not impractical. Taking measures such as wearing a satin bonnet, moisturizing the hair with Argan oil, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help you attain the best outcome.

As long as you follow the tricks outlined in the guide above, maintaining the appearance and texture of your lace front wig should never be stressful. All the best, and good luck!

Ann Koch ann koch
Ann is the founder of Living with androgenic alopecia for over 20 years after the birth of her children, she aspires to provide solutions and an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from hairloss.

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