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Wig Brush vs Regular Brush and Why It Matters

By: Ann Koch

Posted on October 19 2018

Wig Brush vs Regular Brush and Why It Matters



Now that you found your perfect wig you might be asking yourself, "Can I use my regular brush? It's very important to understand how to care for your wig properly in order to maintain its longevity and style. Having the knowledge to choose the best products for your wig is an important step and will benefit the life of your wig in the long run run.

Your average every day hairbrush can be way too rough on a wig, causing the the hair to stretch. And if you have a lace wig some brushes can puncture the lace wig base causing some significant damage. Regular brushes are rough and will reduce the lifespan of your wigs in short order.

A looped brush has nylon bristles that are made for gentle brushing: These unique looped nylon bristles do not have a tip of any kind. This design allows for the bristles to never get snagged or get caught on tangled hair. These bristles add another layer of protection for your fragile and delicate hair pieces, extensions and wigs.


  • Great for detangling wigs: Wigs of all types are fragile and need to be cared for properly and gently. Detangling and aggressive brushing will reduce the life of your wigs. Perfect brush for lace front wigs, synthetic wigs and falls. Place of wig mannequin and gentle brush from the ends to the roots.


  • Gentle cushioned bristles: The Cushions Body of this brush ensures that there is never too much tension on the hair strand that can cause breakage or damage to your valuable wigs, hairpieces and extensions. The cushioned body also makes this brush ideal for people with sensitive scalp.


  • Works for both natural and synthetic hair: Whether your wigs are natural human hair, animal fiber or synthetic hair this brush is ideal for all of these hair types. Different fibers have different strengths but all of them need to be treated with care because they do not grow back. This brush is designed to be gentle on all fiber types and styles of hair pieces.


Why Is it Important to Brush Your Wig

Wigs and Hair Extensions need to be brushed daily to ensure longevity in the hair. If you have wefts, tape extensions, fusion, beads or linked extensions this is the ideal brush to maintain and care for your expensive salon investments. If you have a natural men’s hairpiece or toupee this brush is a must have. Remember always gently brush from the ends to the roots.


A looper brush is really a great choice for wigs. It's gentle and great for detangling wigs of all types that are fragile and need some tender loving care. But don't take my word for it, check out what other people who bought this brush are saying over here.


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