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Pre-Plucked Lace Wigs

By: Ann Koch

Posted on July 08 2018

Pre-Plucked Lace Wigs

In late 2005 pre-plucked hairlines began to hit the lace wig scene. Now a days pre-pluck hairlines on lace wigs are standard. Pre-plucked lace wigs have hairlines that are thin giving them the look of a natural hairline. In fact, all of Model Lace Wig and Hair's full lace wigs that are pre-made will usually feature pre-plucked hairlines.

Pre-plucked wig

There are some lace wigs that are made rather bulky and unnatural looking around the edges, Making them too dense in the top of the wig making it look wiggy.

Benefits of a Pre-Plucked Lace Wig


  • 1) Natural Looking Hairline
  • 2) Non-Wiggy


  • 1) Since the hairline is thinner the hair will fall out faster in that area and will not last long.
  • 2) The lace will be more visible. 
  • 3) A pre-plucked hairline will not work if you plan to wear your lace wig behind your own natural hairline.
    Pre-plucked lace wigs are really a matter of personal preference there is by no means a one way to wear a lace wig or a one size fits all option that will make your lace front more natural in appearance. 

    Some people like more density at the hairline of their lace wig, especially if they like to wear their lace wig behind their natural hairline. In this instance, you may not want a pre-plucked hairline.

    How To Pluck A Lace Wig

    Plucking a wig involves using tweezers to pull out excess hairs around the lace wig hairline to make it mimic a natural hairline. 

    What you will need to begin:

    • Lace Wig
    • Tweezers
    • Comb
    • Alligator Clips

    1. Carefully use the tweezers to gently pluck out random strands of hair at the hairline. The primary focus here is to make the front of the lace wig appear to have a gradual fade that starts from the hairline to the rest of the hair.

    2. Tweeze the lace wig hairline until you have achieved your desired result (Be careful not to over tweeze). 

    baby hairs

    3. The baby hairs at the hairline should be very thin and short. 

    Ann Koch ann koch
    Ann is the founder of Living with androgenic alopecia for over 20 years after the birth of her children, she aspires to provide solutions and an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from hairloss.

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