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Women's Hair Systems

Frequently asked questions

View the following most frequently asked questions and our replies. They are very helpful to know more about our services and products of Model Lace Wigs and Hair

Do you ship to my area?
Yes, we serve customers from all over the world, and orders can be shipped world wide.

Are Model Lace Wigs and Hair systems made of 100% human hair?
YES. All of our hair pieces are made of 100% human hair (including Indian human hair, Chinese hair and European hair), chemical treatment or non-chemical treatment, non-remy, remy and even virgin hair are all available, depending on your requirements.

What is Model Lace Wigs and Hair Return/Refund Policy?
Believe it or not, 0 risk. Why? Because you can make a payment via PayPal, under the protection of PayPal, you can seek a refund if you are unsatisfied, PayPal offers much more protection to buyers than to sellers.
How to place orders with you?
It's so easy:
-- Send in a template and sample(s) (strongly recommend) Or
-- Send in an old unit to duplicate a new one (The quickest way).  You can even specify changes in base material, hair color, hair density, etc. Click here to fill the order form.
-- Send in an old unit as a template reference.
-- Order online: Have nothing to send in? Just want a place an online order? Click this link to fill the order form.

How do I make the payment?
We accept PayPal, VISA and Master Card. With PayPal, you can also use credit card to pay.
When will I receive my new hair system if I place an order today? 
Standard time: 5-6 weeks.
Rush service:  Would be 4 weeks
Super rush:  3 weeks. For those who really need a unit badly.
Stock unit: Instant delivery, ship orders within 24 hours after order placed and paid. 
How long does the shipment take?
We ship every order by International Express courier, like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, RPX online etc. It will take only few days to arrive:
To European countries: Around 3- 4 working days.
To USA: Around 3-4 working days.

How long will my new hair system last?
Lace Wigs and Hair Systems are not intended to last forever. Without the body's natural oils to protect it, human hair will eventually become drier and more brittle. On average, you will need a new hair system every three months or so. Some people replace their hair system every six months and some every month. It is truly a personal decision. The newer the hair system, the more vibrant the hair will be. Now with the more affordable options provided by Lordhair, it is best to replace as often as your budget allows.
Our products have a lifespan ranging from 1 month to over 1 year. You can filter the styles by lifespan in the left column of this page.

Can you repair my existing hair system, even though it was purchased somewhere else? 
If it is repairable, of course we will. Send us your hair system and we will quote you a price, which depends on its condition. Note that this services may take time so please ensure you have other hair systems available for use. Please visit this link to complete the “REPAIR” online order form.

Can I buy tapes and glues at the same time?
Currently we can only offer tapes and some other no-liquid maintenance items to you, because orders are shipped directly from the factory in China. Liquid adhesive, shampoo and hair conditioner delivery is limited by the customs of many countries.

 If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at