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Medical Hairloss

Medical Wigs for Alopecia, Chemotherapy, HairlossMedical Wigs: Alopecia Wigs and Chemotherapy Wigs


Model Lace Wigs and Hair helps women experiencing medically-related hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, thyroid, or other medical disorders and treatments. Whether for those with moderate to severe hair loss, 100% hand-tied caps are ideal, especially for those experiencing scalp sensitivity. They are extremely light-weight, more comfortable and softer to the touch than regular traditional or capless wigs. No matter what causes your hair loss, whether it is the result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia, medications or something else, wigs really can help you look and feel like yourself again. 

Chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments such as radiation, works because they kill rapidly dividing cells. Because hair grows relatively fast, these cells are attacked and the hair growth is temporarily stopped. Now that new anti-nausiant drugs are available to patients, many people living with cancer treatment are able to work and play almost like normal, except for the hair loss.


Hair Loss Treatment Options available
Women’s Hair Loss Replacement System

There are several hair loss treatment options available for those experiencing medically related hair loss. Some people choose hair replacement systems, scarves or turbans, while others prefer a full or partial hair prosthesis or human hair wigs.

It goes without saying that hair loss can be devastating. It can dent a person's self-esteem and negatively affect their overall quality of life. Medically related hair loss brings with it a loss of privacy and self-image that many find harder to deal with than the actual treatment. For this situation, we recommend that you choose a wig from a selection of full cap wigs. Our custom medical wigs for women, and children are uniquely different from the standard wigs readily available in department stores or mail order catalogs.

They are designed to meet an individual’s specific hair loss needs, and to look totally natural and undetectable. These wigs are also designed in such a way as to not irritate the scalp of an individual with little or no hair of their own. Whatever the cause, every medically-related hair loss situation can be restored to the patient’s original hair style and look.

Common Causes of Medical Hairloss:
• Alopecia Areata
• Alopecia Totalis
• Alopecia Universalis
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation Treatments
• Drugs and Surgery
• Health and Stress
• Chemical Damage
• Accident Injury
• Burns and Scars
• Disaster trauma
• Trichotillomania................