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Lace Wig Care Products

Please Note: TO PREVENT LACE WIG SHEDDING: Even though some extended wear adhesives will hold a bond for long periods of time, Model Lace Wigs and Hair does not recommend wearing your lace wig for more than a week at a time. We recommend removing your lace wig at least once a week to properly shampoo and condition your unit, to remove any dirt, hair product build-up and bacteria, which will cause lace wig shedding. Also, any shampoo or conditioner left in the lace cap will cause hair shedding as well, so make sure to thoroughly rinse any and all shampoo/conditioner residue that may be present.

Skin Protecters: Allows a barrier between your skin and the adhesive to prevent any irritation. Adhesives: Lace Wigs can be applied using liquid glues, tapes or both (we do not recommend using hard bond glues on lace wigs such as EnduraBond or Dermabond Adhesive).

Solvents: These products remove the glue and/or tape.

Should I use a liquid adhesive or tape? Liquid adhesives and tapes come in a wide range of strengths. The best choice for you depends on your body chemistry, such as, does your skin become oily quickly or do you tend to sweat alot? All of these questions can come into play when choosing an adhesive method. Experiment with different products to determine your best fit.

You can mix it up too: Why not use tape around the perimeter and liquid adhesive at the hairline, or one type of tape in front and a different tape somewhere else and so on.

Liquid/cream glue: Never apply liquid glue directly on your lace wig. Always appy the glue to your skin and wait for it to dry. If you apply your lace wig unit when the liquid glue has not dried it will seep into the lace/hair and will cause a hard residue build up and will be very difficult to remove.

Most Importantly: There is no one way to apply a lace front wig. The application of lace front wigs varies from person to person, depending on your preference.