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Full Lace Wigs with Baby Hair

full lace wig capLet’s face it wigs are without a doubt, a basic necessity for women. A wig accentuates a woman’s face, makes her look younger, and most importantly adds on her beauty regardless of the ethnic, social class, or race that she belongs to. But all wigs aren’t the same in terms of hairline design, durability, flexibility, hair quality and construction, comfort levels, and price. All these factors put together make it very difficult for women to choose the best wig for their varied needs. If you are one of these women, then don’t worry because we are here to explain what different wig types mean. Today we will focus on full lace wigs, their pros, and their cons. 

What Is A Full Lace Wig?

A full lace wig is a wig that is constructed with a lace cap base which covers the wearer’s head entirely. It is anchored to the top of the head crown by a movable strip of stretch lace, making it flexible enough to accommodate hair growth underneath it and versatile enough for multiple hairstyles and head shapes. This wig has human hair which is hand-tied to the lace base all around the head. 

Note: If you have hair you must wear a wig cap when installing a full lace wig because it will cover your head completely.

The Pros and Cons of Full Lace Wigs:


Apart from being versatile and flexible, here are other pros associated with full lace wigs:

  • Full lace wigs are hand-tied all-around which makes them look natural and legitimate. This is a huge plus, particularly when comparing them with other wigs such as lace front wigs which are machine-sewn for the largest part. 

  • They can make ponytails which other wigs may not.

  • With a full lace cap base which covers the head entirely, these wigs are very comfortable and wearable.

  • You can secure a full lace wig using a thin layer of wig adhesive and it will not come off even during extreme sports.

  • Being human hair, a full lace wig will look extremely natural.


  • Full lace wigs are very pricey. 

lace wigFull Lace Wigs require glue or adhesive in order to attach them to your head, however, glue is not required to wear any lace wig. PLEASE NOTE: Any lace wig can be made "glueless" by adding custom straps and/or clips or combs added inside the wig cap. Please feel free to contact us after you place your order if you need your wig to be "glueless". 

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