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Which is Better Full Lace Wigs or Lace Front Wigs?

By: Ann Koch

Posted on February 11 2020

Which is Better Full Lace Wigs or Lace Front Wigs?

No one should be able to tell that you are wearing a lace wig. A lace wig, if made well, is the most authentic and natural looking of all wigs. At its best you can have hair that looks as good as those worn by the likes of Beyonce, who I would imagine is wearing a custom fit installation with the best quality real hair, perfectly styled and colored.

What’s fabulous about lace wigs is that the cap is made from a sheer lace that is dyed to mimic the color of your scalp. Hair is then hand-knotted into the mesh of the lace. This means that on a full lace wig you can part it in any direction and to the naked eye the part looks like your own scalp. This is a time consuming job, thus it’s very expensive.

However, you can buy wigs that are only partially laced which will be a lot cheaper. The lace is attached to the front portion of the wig. The more lace the better. At least three inches from the front of the wig hairline will give you enough space to part the hair far enough back to create a realistic middle or side parting.

What is a lace front wig?

A lace front wig is a type of lace wig made in such a way that a lace material is used only at the front of the wig.

lace front wig capThe lace cap is made from lace that is close in color to the user’s complexion. The remaining part of the wig will be made up of a regular netted wig cap. It may also use materials like thin skin in its composition. At the front of the wig, the hair is hand tied and appears to grow from your scalp. A good lace wig maker will allow you to customize your lace front wig in to any color, texture and length you may desire. The main disadvantage of lace front wigs is, unlike full lace wigs, you cannot put the hair up in a ponytail or up do. Therefore, the styling options of a lace front wig are limited, compared to those of a full lace wig.

What is a full lace wig?

Full lace wig is a type of lace wig designed in such a way that you will have the entire wig cap made from the lace itself. A full lace wig gives you the freedom to experiment with your hair in different hairstyles. If you love ponytails or love to style your hair up, this type of lace wig will be ideal for you. full lace wig cap

Full lace wigs are the optimum choice for most hair stylists and celebrities, as they are the most versatile of all wigs. In most instances, you can customize your lace wig in any color, style and length that you desire.

Factors to consider when choosing between a full lace and a front lace?

Pricing: Decide your budget before you go out to shop for one

Although you can get lace wigs for various prices, I never recommend any quality related compromises. Cheaper doesn’t mean better when it comes to lace wigs. I suppose that depending on the reason why you are buying a lace wig, your expenditure will be reasonable enough. Affordable lace wigs range somewhere between $300 to $1000, depending on the type of hair and length.

It is best to research on lace wigs before you shop and consider future uses.

  • Are you looking for a more dramatic look?
  • Do you want a lace wig to hide hair loss? 
  • Do you want more volume?

On the other hand, are you looking for consistency with the texture and length you have now? Only you can decide the persona you want to create! Lace wigs can change one’s looks completely, or just enhance the natural hair look. It’s up to you to decide what you want from your hair!

If you are not sure about what kind of lace wig fits your personal needs, you can always consult a lace wig specialist. A good lace wig specialist will offer you advice according to your specific needs and physical appearance. Some indicators that you are working with a true professional are:

• Great customer service skills;

• Recommendations;

• Professional services.

Size and Shape

If your head is considered small you will probably find that most wigs are too big for you. If you have what is considered an average size head, then you should be okay.

If you are anything like me and have a big head then maybe like me you’ll be tempted to make your own wig. A simple way to gage if your head is small, average or big is to think back to when you have tried on a non-stretch hat. How did it fit?

Ultimately what you want is a comfortable snug fit. Most wigs are made with mesh caps that have adjustable straps to make the wig fit more tightly. Many also have combs, but the combs are a no no, as you don’t want your hair to be holding your wig on your head.

Why Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are great, probably the most versatile and user-friendly hairstyle if worn in a way that is not damaging your own hair, which can often be the case.

So, whether you are wearing a wig because you want to grow your hair, transition from relaxer to natural, want to give your hair a rest from heat styling or for any other reason a wig can help you be happy with the way you look.

There are lots of other great reasons you might wish to wear a wig. It’s a great opportunity to try new styles, lengths and colors without experimenting with your own hair.

Lace wigs come in a range of prices to fit all budgets, and a great variety of textures, styles and colors. Many people believe real hair wigs are the best, and I'd have to agree if you really want a natural look.

The most important thing about any wig is that you like the way it looks. You can buy them off the shelf and get them cut and colored to suit you or you can have one custom made at a much higher price. The choice is yours :)

Ann Koch ann koch
Ann is the founder of Living with androgenic alopecia for over 20 years after the birth of her children, she aspires to provide solutions and an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from hairloss.

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