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How To Make A Wig Look Natural

By: Ann Koch

Posted on March 11 2019

How To Make A Wig Look Natural


The main reason why ladies wear natural human hair or synthetic wigs is to feel confident and beautiful just like they would if their head was full of natural hair.

However, the biggest challenge that most have is making their wig look natural. If you are one of them then today count yourself lucky because you have landed in the right place.

You don't have to buy the most expensive wig, even an average priced wig can make you look good without people noticing that you are actually wearing a wig.

In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to make a wig look natural. 

1. Wear a wig that fits properly 

It is easy for people to notice that you are wearing a wig if it does not fit on your head well. Wearing a wig that does not fit well is not only uncomfortable, but it also looks bad on you. Before you purchase a wig, ensure that it fits on your head properly. A wig that fits properly on your head will not only enhance your look but will also look natural in front. People will not notice that you have put on wig unless they pay close attention to your hair. 

2. Replace your wigs regularly 

The best way to make people notice that you are actually wearing a wig is by wearing the same wig over and over. If you are wearing a synthetic wig, then you should replace it after 6 months and 12 months for human hair wig. This way, your wig will always smell fresh and natural. You will maintain its natural look, a factor that will make it hard for people to notice that you are wearing a wig. 

3. Take good care of your wig 

How you take care of your wig will determine how natural it will look especially in the front. A wig that is poorly maintained not only smells funny but also becomes frizzy, frayed and damaged, giving it an unnatural appearance. Experts recommend that you follow manufacturer instructions when taking care of your wig. This means that you should only use conditioners, shampoo and styling products suitable for your wig. You should also use brushes and combs used for wigs. This will help your wig cap to maintain its original shape as well as make it fit well on your head. 

4. Lineup the wig with your hairline 

This is a very important tip that most ladies usually overlook. If you don't line the wig with natural hairline, then you will never get it looking natural in front. That is why it is crucial that take time and line it up every time you wear your wig.


5. Place your wig behind your hairline in front 

By placing your wig behind your hairline especially for pulled back styles you will be able to achieve a flawless natural looking hairline when you pull some of your own hair in front over the wig.


6. Try a lace front wig 

Lace front wigs are specifically designed to make a wig look natural in front. Hairs are individually hand tied onto the lace front piece in order to create a more natural appearance. Wigs with lace fronts can be styled away from the face because the hairline is nearly invisible and the scalp can be seen through the mesh. This will give you versatility and a very natural look.


7. Have your wig trimmed regularly by a stylist 

Just like you would have your natural hair trimmed, the same should also apply on your wig. Visit a professional stylist to trim your wig in order to give it a look that complements the shape of your face. This move will not only give you a unique attractive look, but will also make your wig look more natural.

Ann Koch ann koch
Ann is the founder of Living with androgenic alopecia for over 20 years after the birth of her children, she aspires to provide solutions and an invaluable guide to anyone suffering from hairloss.

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