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Walker Tape Lace Wig Adhesive KITS-EXTENDED WEAR Extended Wear (1-2 Weeks) | Processing Time 3-4 Business Days

$100.74 USD

This Extended Wear Kit includes everything you need for your clients who remove their unit daily or every few days. This kit includes items for preparation (Scalp Protector), install (tape, adhesive, contours, minis and brushes), removal (C-22) and clean-up (Bond Breaker). 

The Extended Wear Kit (1-2 Weeks). The kit includes:

Preparation Products:
  • Max Hold Sport
  • Bond Breaker Shampoo
  • Soft Bond Glue
Tape and Contours:
  • Sensi-Tak Roll
  • Sensi-Tak A Contour
  •  Minis
  • C-22 Solvent
  • Sponge Brushes

Legal Disclaimer:

This and all products sold by Model Lace Wigs and Hair are Professional products that are intended to be used by Professional, trained & Licensed Cosmetologist & Barbers. Model Lace Wigs and Hair is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of not following professional protocol.