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VERONICA Wig by ENVY *ALL COLORS* EnvyHairBlend, 100% Hand-Tied + Lace Front

$1,020.00 USD $1,275.00 USD

Looking for the drama and stylability of a longer wig? The Veronica Wig by Envy is made from exclusive Envyhair heat-friendly fiber blend.

Heat set, curl, straighten, brush and comb to create a finished style all your own. The beauty of Envyhair™ is that it looks, feels, acts – and styles – just like 100% human hair -- BUT BETTER!  Unlike human hair, once you style your EnvyHair wig, it will hold that style, even when washed, until it's styled again! It works just like high heat synthetic, but WITHOUT THE ANNOYING FRIZZ that is so common with high heat synthetic, and it's so much less expensive than human hair. It is TRULY THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!