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Studio Limited Canvas Block Head DIY Wig Making Starter Set (LARGE 23")

$39.99 USD $69.99 USD

Details: Studio Limited Canvas Block Head DIY Wig Making Starter Kit 


  • Great Combo Set to start your DIY wig making!
  • Studio Limited Wig Display Mannequin Canvas Block Head
  • 2 Options available, 22" and 23"
  • It is perfect for styling, making, and displaying lace wigs, wigs, holding wigs, styling wigs, cosmetology, hairdressing etc.
  • Use with the adjustable wig stand holder!
  • Comes with various kinds of wig caps, threads & needles, clamp, T-pins, and free gift!
  • Height: Approximately 10 1/4"
  • Head Around: Approximately 21", 22", 23", or 24"
  • Mount Hole Diameter: Approximately 0.8"
  • Weight: Approximately 2 lbs

    Product Description

    1. Felled with cork, it is harmless.
    2. Canvas block head with mount hole, do not need a specific stand with a clamp.
    3. Our measurement is shown as picture.
    4. High-quality canvas blockhead for holding wigs for hours at a time while washing, styling, or putting on display.
    5. Unlike flimsy Styrofoam heads, this quality wig head won't flake when pins are inserted.
    6. No matter how your wig style or length is, this wig head is for you.