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Fresh Wig Head Dryer by Daroko

$54.95 USD



  • Dry your wigs in 15 minutes!!!
  • Keeps wigs fresh and odorless by allowing them to "breathe" while they dry
  • Securely holds hair dryer in place with an INCLUDED rubber grip and bungee clip strap
  • Accommodates most hair dryers with a barrel size up to 60mm

Publisher: Daroko

Details: Use COOL AIR ONLY! The scalp area is perforated with many holes with one large hole at the front. Into this hole, a hair dryer is inserted (it is held securely by a rubber grip around the hole and a bungee clip strap which holds the hair dryer in place, tightly). When the wig is placed on the head and the hair dryer is turned on, the air will circulate throughout the head and will dry the wig net and in turn the wig. The opening will accommodate a hair dryer with a barrel size of up to 60mm. While drying the wig from the inside, you can style the wig using a separate hair dryer. For naturally curly wigs you can dry the wig by leaving the hair dryer working for longer (depending on the length of the hair). As another styling tip, you could also place rollers throughout the wig and use the Fresh Wigs head to 'set' the curls. The Fresh Wigs head can also be used as a regular stand to store your wig overnight or when wearing a different wig. Traditional wig head stands actually encourage bad odors to fester, as when placing the wig on the solid polystyrene/ plastic head the sweat and odors are actually trapped within the wig and wig net. Fresh Wigs, however, provides the user with a stand which actually helps keep the wig fresh as there is constant ventilation throughout the wig due to the perforated holes. This allows the wig to breathe and consequently stops unpleasant smells forming.

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