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1.5 Inch Wide Black Knit Heavy Stretch High Elasticity Elastic Band 5 Yards

$7.86 USD

Color: Black


  • Wide:1.5",about 38mm
  • 5 Yards in Length
  • Flat elastic, extend by 2 directions
  • Color: black
  • 72% polyester, 28% rubber

Details: *Heavy stretch knit elastic is designed to be a bit stiffer and offer more "kick" to its stretch than other elastics. it offers a stiff, strong stretch and can be used on heavier fabrics 

*The elastic will not narrow when stretched making it perfect for exposed waistbands to top off a gathered skirt or pants. heavy stretch knit elastic is also great for cuff bands and jacket waistbands.

*72 percent polyester, 28 percent rubber

Package included:

5 yards of 1.5-inch wide black elastic