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Hand Made Lace Wig

Wig Maker

All our lace wig products are exquisitely handmade by artists, one piece at a time, one hair at a time, mainly using products of nature. We have carefully selected our team of artists based upon their quality of work and years of experience. Each lace wig is unique. It is therefore quite difficult if not impossible to make a lace wig with hundreds of hairs identical. Even though we have the most attentive wig artisians and stylists who are the "Masters" of their craft, and even though every effort is made to create the most superior lace wigs on the market today, there may be natural variations in construction, hair color and style that should not be misconstrued as flaws or errors.

We believe this is what makes each handmade product special and truly one of a kind. We recommend visiting our store if possible to try on our lace wigs in person.

Whether your hair loss is genetic or the result of medical treatment or illness, our mission is to help our clients regain their self-confidence while being compassionate to their individual and unique needs.